Please know we are following every possible guideline to ensure the safety of staff and guests.  We have reviewed all of Ohio’s requirements and are following them, as well as adding a few policies of our own. Our staff will do self health assessments, as well as have their temperature taken when they arrive at work.  We have signed the Ohio Restaurant Promise in order to provide the safest work and dining environment.  

Because of the new regulations, your dining experience may be a little different than you remember!  

All staff that is required to will be wearing masks. Your server will not be wearing gloves, as frequent hand-washing is much more effective.

All tables, seats, and menus will be fully sanitized after each use.

We will be offering electronic signature credit card transactions and each screen will be sanitized before and after each use.


In order to comply with social distancing guidelines, our dining room has been restructured.  Tables and seats have been moved and marked to provide at least 6 feet distance from others.  Because of this, we cannot move tables or chairs for parties.  Seats and tables must remain in exact location throughout your dining experience.  

Please keep in mind that this is all new to us (to all restaurants!).  We are doing our very best to accommodate everyone as well as adhere to several new regulations.  Unfortunately, we cannot budge on them.  Our staff is well informed and trained- but as we navigate this new way of service, there will be hiccups.  Please be kind to staff and we will do everything we can to give you an amazing dining experience.